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Why Buy Your Cairn Terrier Puppy From Us?


As breeders and exhibitors of Cairn Terriers we are bound by the rules and regulations of the Kennel Club. 

But in addition, as members of the UK Cairn Terrier Breed Clubs, we are also committed to our clubs’ Code of Conduct. 

These clubs were originally formed for exhibitors and fanciers of the Cairn Terrier Breed and we work with the UK Kennel Club in the aim to see that our breed is looked after and remains in safe hands.


We have strict rules regarding the breeding of our Cairns.  Before we breed a litter we must ensure:


  • that we only breed from fit, healthy, good specimens, aiming to improve our breed, and follow the recommended breed specific health schemes


  • that we follow the guidelines about the maximum frequency of litters


  • that we have the time and facilities to devote proper care and attention to the rearing of the puppies and the well-being of the dam


  • that our puppies don’t leave us until they are at least 8 weeks old


  • that prospective buyers see our puppies on our own premises


  • that our puppies are well socialised


  • that our puppies are not exported before the age of 12 weeks and never to countries where they are not protected by anti-cruelty laws


  • that our Cairns are not sold to pet shops, laboratories or dealers in dogs


  • that prospective buyers of Cairns are screened for suitability, are advised of the characteristics of the breed and the need for exercise and grooming


  • that our Cairns are not sold to homes where they will be on their own all day


  • that no Cairn with a physical defect or departure from the Breed Standard is sold without the buyer being made fully aware of such


  • that it is impressed on buyers that they should contact the breeder in the event of any problem with the Cairn


Breach of these provisions may result in expulsion from club membership, and/or disciplinary action by the Kennel Club and/or reporting to the relevant authorities for legal action, as appropriate




Please do not buy from "Puppy Farmers"!


The Kennel Club defines puppy farmers as intensive volume breeders who have little regard or consideration for the basic needs and care of the dogs concerned.


Please buy your puppy only from someone who follows the above guidelines, whose aim is to promote the health and well-being of our lovely breed.